Do something with your growing collection of photos. 


We organize your photos, audio, narrative, and videos into a personal, secure, and stylish Story Space.



Share photos with a Curator who does the work for you. 

Meet  Caitlin , our founding Curator

Meet Caitlin, our founding Curator

Get Introduced

After signing up, your Curator will get to know you and those who are most important to you and she will build a Space that is personal & stylish. 

Text or email your Curator at any time

Text or email your Curator at any time

Start Sending Content

As life happens, send your photos and other content to your Curator at any time. Your Curator will help by nudging you with ideas for stories or inviting others (only those you choose) to contribute to your Story Space. 

Youe Story Space comes with a unique URL

Youe Story Space comes with a unique URL

We build a story space

Share your private Space with those closest with you and they can sign up to receive updates.


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Get started in 2016! We're offering three levels of trial membership. Click below to learn more.



$199 for Year One

We are proud to offer you an Encapsulate Personal Service Membership for $199 for the initial set-up and first year of service.

After that it's $99/yr.

After the first year your Personal Service membership will continue for $99/yr.



Regular access to a Curator who will create your personal & stylish Story Space. 

Share with your Curator as life happens - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We'll update your Story Space twice per month. 
{Almost as exciting as picture day in grade school!}

A unique URL to enable those closest with you to conveniently access favorite moments.

A private Space to share personal moments and reflections. 

One organized Story Space where all of your favorite moments are safely kept. 


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